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"The 3rd Millennium"

In the year 2050, a technological breakthrough was made which enabled time travel to finally be accomplished. With this ability to travel backwards and forward in time it allowed anyone and everyone the luxury of knowing what the future would bring and what the past was. However, this luxury turned into the final breakdown of all societies.

With the multitude of people jumping through time and space to undo wrongs of the past, and find out secrets of the future, the past and the future became intertwined, confused, and unstable. From this abuse of physics the Nexus was formed. The Nexus was a terrible distortion in the fabric of the space time continuum with infinite portals that lead to every point in space and time.

Time travel was outlawed in the year 2099, but the Nexus remains. Here in the Third Millennium you will find what remains today after the first 50 years of the new world. The question of race and class has been eliminated. All men and women are created equal. We as individuals determine who we are and what we do.

With rapid developements in the biomedical industry the human species is soon to be no more. At birth everyone is given an implant which allows communications between everyone...

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